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Identity Confirmation

·         Activate your computer

·         Setting Up the User Interface

·         Set up the UI & search options

·         Organization Administration

·         Set your organization's language & locale

·         Manage currencyCustomization

·         Create custom


·         Learn about record access

·         Create the role hierarchyprofiles & custom fields

·         Define dependent picklists

·         Customize lookup fields & formula fields

·         Customize page layouts

·         Customize standard related lists

·         Learn about record types & business processes

·         Use field-level securitySecurity & Access

·         Create & manage your users

·         Set organization-wide defaults

·         Learn about the sharing model

·         Manually share records

·         Set up opportunity team selling & account teams

·         Learn about folder accessWorkflow

·         Define workflow

·         Set up workflow rules

·         Set up workflow tasks & alertsWorkflow Approvals

·         Plan approvals using workflow

·         Use the approval wizard – standard vs. jump-start

·         Create workflow approvals

·         Data Validation

·         Learn about Salesforce CRM data validation

·         Create data validation rules

·         Learn about custom fields & unique properties Data Utilities

·         Import records using the import wizards

·         Use mass delete

·         Use mass transfer

·         Learn about storage utilization

·         Analytics

·         Create custom reports

·         Use advanced filters

·         Use conditional highlighting

·         Use custom summary formulas

·         Create dashboardsThe AppExchange

·         Learn about the AppExchange

·         Install an app

·         Uninstall an appMarketing Administration

·         Use the integrated campaign builder

·         Learn about lead queue & lead assignment setup

·         Learn Web-to-lead & auto-response rulesService & Support Administration

·         Learn about cases & solutions

·         Set up case escalation rules

·         Identify solution categories & suggested solutions Salesforce Console

·         Navigate the Salesforce Console

·         Create a Salesforce ConsoleExtending Salesforce CRM

·         Learn about custom objects

·         Learn about custom tabs

·         Learn about custom Web tabs

·         Build a custom app


Designing Applications On Force.Com

·         Learn about factors to consider when building a data model

·         Develop custom objects and fields, encrypted fields, field help, and field history tracking

·         Use master detail, lookup, and many-to-many relationships

·         Create a user interface for custom applications using the Custom Object tab, Page Layout, and

·         Customization options



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